Kid Allergen-Proof Mattress

Kid’s bedding:  Protecting your baby from allergen with nontoxic product.  The Kid Allergen-Proof Mattress Set is produced from the finest fiber ultra-thread 144 denier with thread count 270 ± 2 per square inch and pore size smaller than 10 micrometer which does not allow 99.98% of dust mites allergens or bugs to pass through. Moreover, the fabric is very soft, smooth, comfortable and breathable protecting house dust mites from passing though.

Our Key Competency

  • Anti-Mite Allergen Product
  • Tightly Woven Type
  • Non-chemical Coated
  • Laboratory Tests Approval
  • 30-Month Guarantee
  • Machine Washable
  • Allergist Recommended
  • Premium Quality Fabric

Within a set, it is inclusive of
Baby premium grade mattress (30″ x 40″ x 2″) : 1 piece
Anti-allergy bed sheet : 1 piece
Cotton bed sheet : 1 piece
Anti-allergy pillow comes with a 100% premium grade cotton pillow case
Anti-allergy bolster comes with a 100% premium grade cotton bolster case



  • Use with toddler to 3 year-old baby
  • Wash pillow case and bed sheet before first use
  • Wash anti-allergy bed sheet once a month
  • Wash bolster case and bed sheet regularly
  • Change the anti-allergy beddings after 30 months or 30 times use