MITEX : Medical Innovative Textile, we are manufacturer and distributor who came from many groups of creative team for instance innovative textile’s development and manufacturing for wellbeing such as beddings, pregnancy pillow, carry and turn sheet from anti-dust-mites material. 

“From research to business development and society”

MITEX Standard and Quality

The Protection Through Medical Innovation

A textile innovation and anti-dust-mites fabric had been especially created from a support of researches and developments which had been done by dust-mites specialist and allergist together with a support of a textile specialist from a prestigious university and international institution. You can be confident that the product is beneficial for your health, protect you from allergens and comfortable.

MITEX Characteristics

  • Anti-mite allergen product
  • Tightly woven fabric
  • Non-chemical coated
  • Laboratory tests approval
  • 30 months guarantee protecting against allergen (When use and care by the instruction)
  • Machine washable
  • Allergist recommended
  • Fabricated from microfiber (Premium Quality Fabric)
  • MITEX has a sole right from Mahidol University to manufacture and distribute the product.