How does allergy different from flu?

Symptoms of allergies are itchy nose, sneezing and running nose, but flu comes with a high fever, sore muscles, sneezing, burning nose, irritating throat, coughing and it stay all day. Be careful of complication, when finding out that you have a cold, it is highly recommended to see your doctor.

Can sun light kill dust mites?

Yes, sun light can kill dust mites but sun drying on one side of the mattress will just get rid of the mites on one side and they will move to the other side; although sun drying cannot get rid of the mites  100% but it is the best way to reduce humidity.

I feel itchy when I’m in bed. I’m not sure if it’s dust mites.

Dust mites cannot bite human but their feces make you cough, sneeze and asthma. Feeling itchy may come from other reasons.

How can we tell that our bed has so much dust mites?

Use a special invented vacuum to clean your bed, keep the dust in a bag and freeze it at -20 celsius. Then contact Siriraj Hospital for a lab test.

Is it true that dust mites cannot tolerate extreme heat and freeze, in a county where it snows, are there dust mites?

In a low temperature countries have the same problem such dust mites but they have it in a different species.

Can dust mite go through fabric?

Yes, if it’s a regular material such as cotton where the pore size is 500 micrometers; therefore an invention of a tightly woven fiber with a pore size of 6-10 micrometer comes into place and dust mites cannot go through.

Where is the most common found of dust mites in the house?

Dust mites’ shelters are mattresses, pillows and dolls; especially when it’s dark and a perfect temperature, are the most comfortable place for them to live and reproduce. Other types of allergens can be found in a kitchen.

Can we find dust mites on our body and clothing?

It is possible because their habitat is fibers; however, dust mites cannot tolerate sun light and it is harmless when crawling on our skin because they don’t bite instead we’re allergic to their feces.

Can vacuuming carpets and couches regularly reduce dust mites?

By doing so can reduce dust and dust mites but it cannot be 100% eliminated.

What kind of mattress should a person with allergy use?

The person should choose a light mattress because it is easy to wash and sundry. If you have a heavy mattress, wrap a plastic or allergen proof fabric cover the bed and pillows.

How often should we change a mattress?

It depends on a mattress material. Ones that did not use anti-dust-mites products will tend to accumulate the amount of allergens.

How do we choose an allergen proof mattresses and pillows?

There are anti-dust-mites beddings both tightly woven and allergy proof coated. However, there are so many products out there in the market so it is necessary to choose a tightly woven 6-10 micrometer.

How to use an allergen proof product?

Allergen proof fabric should be used with beddings for example put an anti-dust-mites pillow case on before putting on normal cases same as the mattress. Wash and sundry the pillow case every 1-2 weeks and wash the anti-dust-mites cases every 2 months.

How does allergen proof fabric work?

Allergen proof works just like barrier between allergen and human. It can be fabric, plastic or something else.

How necessary is it to use the allergen proof fabric?

Anti-dust-mites encasing are widely used because of its practical and in some countries pay more attention to the product and use it together with allergic patient.

What is the benefit of air filter?

There are 3 types of air filter, mechanical filtration, electronic air cleaner and hybrid filters; however there are no study shows that air filter can clean dust mites.

What is the benefit of air conditioning against dust mites?

Air conditioning’s function is to lower the temperature and decrease humidity in the air; in this weather, dust mites cannot thrive. Again, there’s no study shows that air conditioning can reduce allergens.

Can mothballs, mosquito and cockroach spray kill house dust mites?

Yes, they can kill dust mites; however, it would be such a good idea to use it on bed because it is deadly dangerous and leaves unpleasant smell.

What’s the difference between dust mites and bedbug?

Dust mites are microscopic. Bedbugs are bloodsucker and live on your bed but dust mites eat protein like dandruff and bacteria.

What can I do if I see someone is suffering asthma attack?

Put the person upright, keep the person warm and don’t leave them alone. If there is inhaler, use it and rush to the hospital.

I had dust mites allergies but now the symptoms are worse, how could this happened? How can I fix it?

Allergy victims usually continue to have other effects of allergy; therefore, try to avoid allergens such as animal hair, pollen, and mold. Vaccination is an alternative.

Is allergy transmitted?

No, allergy is not contagious but it can be transmitted within family members because it is genetic.

Are we allergic of dust or house dust mites?

We’re allergic of both dust and house dust mites because dust mites produce allergens and they spread all over in the air. When we inhale so much dust, we can get allergy.

How does ocular allergy differ from pinkeye?

Eye allergy is commonly occurs in eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea usually comes with nasal, skin allergy and asthma but the eyeballs are not as red as pinky eyes which come from virus.

Is itching all over the body while going to sleep consider as dust mites allergy?

Yes, although using pest control service and changing bed sheets, it is impossible to get rid of dust mites.

When allergy symptoms reoccur, nasal irritation comes along and we rub our nose frequently, will we get rhinitis?

Rubbing your nose does not cause rhinitis; instead, chronic allergies may lead to rhinitis and sinusitis and eventually developed to nasal polyps.

Does allergy cause sinusitis?

Yes, for those who have a chronic sinusitis should get tested for allergy cause swelling of the tissues on the inside lining of the nose and block the sinus drainage channel.

How to find out what I’m allergic to?

You can see a specialist for testing at a hospital. There are 2 methods in allergy testing which involves having your skin or blood test to determine what substance or allergen may trigger an allergic response in a person.

A doctor recommended a skin test which involves injections, is it dangerous? Is there any other ways to get tested?

A skin prick test is common and widely accepted and it is done by placing a drop of solution containing possible allergen on the skin, and series of scratches or needle pricks allow the solution to enter the skin.  And yet, there is a blood test as your option; unfortunately, the test results take longer and more expensive. In some cases, an additional skin test necessary.

I think that I might have allergies, why did a doctor order an X-ray on my sinus?

Nose and sinus are near each other and share the same membrane with this connective tissue lines all the passages through the sinus meaning that allergies may spread to paranasal sinuses. Especially for those who have allergies for a very long time, when getting your sinus tested, may find the infection and need to receive another treatment.

If a child had asthma, when he grew up and started smoking, will asthma return?

Allergy and asthma victims should not smoke or be surrounded by cigarette smoke, as a result, ones should get enough rest, avoid alcohol and get some exercise. When a person is stronger and get back into shape, asthma will not return.

What are the pros and cons of allergy injections?

Advantage: They neutralize antibody, prevent respiratory allergy and asthma plus a high chance of completely cured.

Disadvantage: It takes time to build the dose up. At the beginning, injections are needed 1-2 times a week and gradually build up the dose for 3-6 months. More importantly, it must be done at a fully equipped hospital because a chance of allergy may occur.

If I am not vaccinated, are there alternatives?

In the present, allergy drops under the tongue to treat allergies are moderately effective; however, the dose is higher and can be pricy.

How effective is dust mites allergy vaccination?

Allergy shots contain extracts which are made from allergens; however, these extracts contain small amount of the substance that causes your allergy. They stimulate your immune system to desensitize you to the offending allergen. The alternative works quite well; however, the procedure is supervised by allergists or physicians only.

Are there side effects of inhaler that works instantly?

This type of inhaler contains medication that constricts blood vessels. Construction of blood vessels in the nose and sinuses leads to a decrease of congestion. When the medication wears off, the symptoms usually return. If using regularly and nose blockage increases, stop using it within 5 days.

What causes allergies and can it be permanently cured?

Allergies come from a malfunction of antibodies; in the present, it can’t be permanently cured but we can avoid and eliminate the risk so that we can live a perfectly normal life and stay healthy.