Does our immune system have anything to do with allergic reaction?

The answer is YES. When the body is exposed to harmful influences from outside environment, our immune system will work just like the S.W.A.T. team to protect the body from foreign invaders. If the team wins, your body will be as healthy as it should be. But if they lose, they can lead to illness and infection.

Theoretically, allergy is a reaction of our “immune system” expressed as a hypersensitivity which causes infection and leads the body to produce all kinds of chemical substances, and one of them are Histamine that shows symptoms such as stuffy, runny nose and hives.

Allergen: Allergies seem to be becoming more common and can be found in all ages and genders, but have you noticed something? People who live in urban areas have allergies follow them just like a shadow. It is because substances that cause allergic reaction are all over them and one of the factors that causes allergy is from genetic, others are from surroundings such as dust mites, cockroaches, plant pollen, dusts, ants, mosquitos, animal hair, pollution and even certain kind of food.

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