Let’s make a check list on your possible symptoms.

  • My nose is itchy including my throat, my eyes and sneezing too often.
  • Rashes appear on my earlobe out of nowhere or when I have insect bites, the rash will spread in a wide circle.
  • I catch a cold so easily even though the temperature slightly changes.
  • When I’m exposed in the dusty area, I will sneeze until I drop.
  • I snore from a sinus inflammatory.
  • When I eat seafood, I will have trouble breathing, my eyes will be swollen and rashes appear all over my body.
  • I have trouble breathing when I’m around cats and dogs.
  • All of the above happened to me, I’ve gone to see a doctor already but I cannot accept the fact of the diagnosis.

If one of the above choices is on your list, just accept that you have allergy. You should see a doctor and find out more about your diagnose for early treatment.


Treatment and staying away from allergy

If you think that allergy will go away on its own, you’re wrong. Fail to receive an early treatment can bring your unwelcome new friends to your body including; sinus infections, lose the sense of smell, asthma, ear infection. The sickness will affect your daily life and eventually will complicate your health condition, plus the uncontrollable cost of medical bill will definitely occur. How are we going to live and get treatment for allergy?

  • If you know that you have food allergy, avoid that kind of food.
  • Keep your house clean and especially your bedroom.
  • Receive a proper treatment from your doctors.
  • Get vaccinated for allergies.

Although allergies are incurable, by taking care of your health condition and keeping your surrounding clean, the reaction can decrease and by doing so can protect you from increasing more complicated disease.


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